I spent a lot of snowy mornings In Denver, Colorado playing clarinet in the high school marching band with hot rollers in my hair.  I lived there for 37 years when a lady in my church choir told me about Bartlesville, where she was moving.  I was ready to get out of the cold and the big city, and the next weekend I found my house in Bartlesville.  Ironically, my daughter, her husband and son moved back to Denver, so I go back to visit them.

I worked in the insurance field in Colorado.  In Oklahoma, I worked as an analyst and drafter for 13 years in oil refinery and pipeline inspection before coming to work at Phoenix Insurance.

Why I like my work

I like the excitement and challenge of learning something new.  I love my co-workers and clients, who are the best in town.

The Great Outdoors

I love to camp and fish.  We eat what we catch unless we have a bad day, and then it’s hot dogs and hamburgers.  I like target practice and trap shooting.  I also like to hunt deer and turkeys.  We are members of the Bartlesville Sportsmen’s Club and my husband travels to compete with skeet shooting.

At Home

I like to cook.  Two of my best dishes are Mississippi Pot Roast and Colorado Green Chili.   I also love working in the yard in the summer but I’m a hermit in the winter.  I keep a heater at my desk year-round.  My favorite thing in life is spending time with my grandson, Landon.