Auto insurance.  Accidents happen.  Auto insurance covers damage to property and other people resulting from an accident you cause.  Liability insurance is mandatory in the state of Oklahoma.

Collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle due to the fault of the driver of your vehicle, whether it’s you or Uncle Oops you sent in your car to get milk.

Comprehensive insurance covers damages that are not related to a collision, such as theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters, falling objects, hitting or being hit by an animal, and civil disturbances (teenagers don’t count).

Property damage covers repairs to the other person’s damaged property when you are deemed at fault.  Repairs include damage to autos, houses, businesses, fences, lamp posts and mailboxes.

Bodily injury liability covers expenses for persons injured due to your legal responsibility for an accident, and provides legal defense if you are sued for damages.  Personal injuries are usually the most expensive part of an accident.  Don’t settle for state-mandated minimum limits unless you like to gamble.  Winning at the casino has about the same odds.

Umbrella insurance covers you beyond your basic limits.  It’s important for high income earners and potentially catastrophic claims.  Like your son’s friend who was permanently injured on your four-wheeler in the back pasture.

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