Home is where the heart is.  It’s also the place that houses your family and your earthly belongings.  Simply put, homeowners insurance covers your home, other structures and contents against losses from events such as fire, wind, lightning and hail.  Additional losses are covered under Basic, Broad and Special Forms.  It pays to know which form you’re buying.  We’ll help you look at our available options so you can make an informed decision about what you want to insure, and what you might be comfortable paying out of pocket.  Oh, and you always get discounts by bundling home and autos.

Additional insurance is available to protect valuable assets such as jewelry, rugs, antiques or guns for more than basic coverage.  Flood insurance is available and sometimes required.  Earthquake insurance is gaining popularity due to increase in Oklahoma’s earthquakes.  Don’t wait until you feel the ground rumble.

Liability is a vital part of your homeowner’s insurance.  If someone has an accident at your home, whether you rent or own it, you want to be protected against unintended losses.  Do what you can to protect your property and minimize risk.

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