Commercial Liability insurance protects your business in the event of physical injury or property damage that occurs as a result of your negligence or business operations.  As a business owner, you know the value of every penny you’ve earned, every job you’ve won or lost, every night that leaves you awake pondering.   There are many areas of liability in operating a business which require critical thinking.  Call Phoenix Insurance to get clarification on your questions.  Better still, drop by for coffee.  We’ll get answers for your questions and concerns so you can determine what you want to protect in your business.

Additional Liability risk depend on your line of business.  Do you have a Board of Directors?  Is there a chance you might omit something important or make an error that negatively affects a client?  Could you be sued for workplace harassment or discrimination in hiring/firing?   Professional Liability is specific to your professional areas of risk.  Cyber Liability is one of the fastest growing desirable areas of protection for computer hacking or innocent mistakes.   What about liability for Special Events you host?  Or Liquor Liability for events involving serving alcohol? Ask Phoenix Insurance about available protections. We can help answer your questions as you make decisions about protecting any venture you can imagine.  Even Hole-in-One Insurance.  We’re not kidding.

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