Life insurance is about creating your life legacy.  How would those you love be affected by your absence?  Would they be able to keep living the way they are now?  Would medical and unintended bills eat up savings?  What about college or lifestyle advantages for your children or family?  A life insurance policy is about building your legacy as part of your overall financial plan.  It’s your gift to those you love.

Life insurance can help cover many aspects of daily life in your absence, and can be purchased for temporary needs or permanent needs.  We will help you look at your goals,intentions and options so you can choose a plan that is right for you and those you wish to protect.

Business life insurance is a whole other animal.  It’s about protecting your business so it doesn’t end up in a fire sale.  Or your partner’s spouse doesn’t become your unintended partner.  Or your kids don’t have to take over something they know nothing about.  It’s about the protection of your business.  We’ll discuss your identified goals and future plans, and present you with products offered by our insurers so you craft a solution that’s right for you, your partners and your key employees.

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